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"Pick Four" Combo


Choose FOUR items from the following options: Enchilada (Choice of ground beef, chicken or cheese in a corn tortilla) | Relleno (Maximum of one Relleno per plate) | Burrito (Choice of ground beef, chicken, bean or meat and bean combo in a flour tortilla) | Taco (Choice or ground beef or chicken)

Chile Sauce (Select 1):Red Sauce Green Sauce Christmas Sauce (Red & Green) Jalapeño Cream Sauce
Combo Plate- Pick 4:1 Cheese Enchilada 1 Ground Beef Enchilada 1 Chicken Enchilada 1 Ground Beef Burrito 1 Chicken Burrito 1 Bean Burrito 1 Bean and Beef Burrito 1 Bean and Chicken Burrito 1 Ground Beef Taco 1 Chicken Taco 1 Rellenos - ONLY 1 ALLOWED PER ORDER